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angels & urchins

Angels & Urchins was a parenting magazine in London, I loved illustrating for them, which I did for nearly 15 years, the topics were always new and different, but alas they hung up their wings and boots due to the pandemic, I have many happy memories, and was lucky enough to also work for Storystock and  illustrate for the Portland Hospital through them, and would love to work in a similar way again.

programme and ticket
Vw dub family hol+ extra bods
tip toe
speedy Em
sis, can i use mascara_
nit ninjas
eczema kids at bedtime
horse new year copy
fifteen copy 2
maths class blackboard
nursery pegs
A&E riding
camomile tea 2
dress up time
book reading noy

"Charlotte's illustrations are clever, inspired and always delivered on time. She is a very talented, creative illustrator." - The angels&urchins team



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